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Leading Kerala-Based Importers of Chinese Products

At Kutti's, we are dedicated to providing exceptional import and export solutions. With our expertise in logistics and global trade, we offer seamless services tailored to your specific needs. Our extensive network of partners ensures competitive prices and reliable sourcing of high-quality products. We prioritize transparent communication and strive to build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success.

Versatile Container Solutions

Introducing our Flexible Container Services – the perfect solution for your diverse import needs. With our comprehensive approach, we offer the convenience of combining various goods from China into a single container. Our expert team ensures secure packing, maximizing space and minimizing costs. Streamline your import processes and enjoy efficient, cost-effective shipping with our Flexible Container Services.

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Product Sourcing Experts

As Product Sourcing Experts, we specialize in efficiently locating and procuring high-quality goods from around the world.

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Guided Factory Visit Experience in China

Experience China's manufacturing prowess through our guided factory visit. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of production processes a

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Streamlined Importing Solutions for Your Business Needs

Product Sourcing

Sourcing Products can be very easy in China. Yet finding a suitable supplier for your product is not so easy. We can help you Finding Right Factory, so you focus on growing your business.

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Order & Production Follow-up

Negotiation the Price & Placing of Orders is the key to Purchasing. We shall Handle the entire process of Placing orders and Tracking your payments and making sure they are Scheduled for Delivery.

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Quality Inspection

We leave no stones unturned with our Dedicated Inspection team we make sure you get what you have ordered. With our State of Art Inspection procedures at every level of production,

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Shipping & Customs Clearance

Most business owners or Entrepreneurs put off importing by the minefield of customs clearance, tax, duty, and commodity codes. FOB, EXW or CIF we take care of any Orders.

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Efficient and Reliable Importing Services Tailored to Meet Your Business Requirements